Spanish Markets

Jurying of Artists

Traditional Spanish Market is the largest and oldest juried Hispanic art show and sale in the country. It was established in 1926 to promote the traditional arts of the New Mexico and southern Colorado region which began during Spanish Colonial times. Currently, there are approximately 200 adult artists who have successfully juried into any of the eighteen traditional art categories. Youth artists are not required to jury, but they must be mentored by a current adult artist in Spanish Market.

The Society offers a jurying event once per year, typically in late January or early February, with registration deadlines typically in December. Jurying is offered for three types of artists: artists wishing to join Spanish Market for the first time; current Spanish Market artists who must re-jury according to an established schedule and following rules for exemption (see below); and current Spanish Market artists who want to add more art categories to their repertoire of art categories that they are already juried into.

Adult artists who are registering for jurying into Spanish Market for the first time must meet the age, heritage, and art category requirements before they can be invited to jury.

Adult artists who are current in Spanish Market will be notified when their art category is up for jurying on the rotation list below. They will be informed if they are required to re-jury or if they are exempt from jurying due to any of the 6 exemptions listed below.

Adult artists who are current in Spanish Market and wish to jury into another art category should watch the website for dates and times of jurying events and registration deadlines.

All artists must register for jurying/re-jurying and pay all applicable fees before they proceed to the next step in the process. Next, the Spanish Colonial Arts Society will mail registration materials to the artists with tags that must be attached to the artwork and index cards for recording important information with the unique identifier that will keep the artist’s identity anonymous.

Three recently completed artworks must be submitted for each art category that the artist is jurying/re-jurying into. The Standards Committee of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society are the jurors who will examine the artwork after the artists have dropped off the artwork and left the event area. They will vote to determine if the artwork meets the art category Guidelines and if the quality of the artwork meets the expectations of Traditional Spanish Market. Artists will be notified in writing if they have been approved or rejected.

A re-jurying plan for current Spanish Market adult artists was established at the Artist Forum in September 1996 and the process began in February 1998. Current Spanish Market artists may jury into additional categories and new artists may jury into any category during these events. Current Spanish Market artists must have participated in an art category at Spanish Market for at least 2 years before they can apply to jury into Innovations within the Tradition of that art category.

The following re-jurying/jurying schedule repeats in a 5-year rotation.

2022: Woodcarving; Unpainted Bultos; Pottery; and Copper Engraving.
2023: Tinwork; Ironwork; Hide Painting; and Revival Arts (Basketry, Bone Carving, Leatherwork/Rawhide; and Ramilletes).
2024: Precious Metals; Furniture & Furnishings; and Gesso Reliefs.
2025: Colcha Embroidery; Straw Appliqué; and Weaving.
2026: Retablos; Painted Bultos; Painted Reliefs; and Unpainted Reliefs.

Current Spanish Market artists are exempt from re-jurying if they meet any one or more of the following exemptions:

  1. Master Award for Lifetime Achievements recipients do not have to re-jury in their recognized categories unless they are juried into a new category after receiving the Masters award. This new category will not constitute an exemption for re-jurying unless the artist meets one or more of the additional exemptions below;
  2. An artist is exempt from the process of re-jurying for the next cycle in their category if the artist has won a Grand Prize or a first-place award in their category within the preceding five years. However, this does not apply to other categories the artist is juried into;
  3. An artist is exempt from re-jurying in a category if the re-jurying in that category occurs within five years of the time an artist has juried into that category;
  4. An artist who has submitted research and original artwork for a newly created category is automatically juried into that category and is exempt from re-jurying in that category for a period of five years;
  5. Artists who have been deployed for military duty outside New Mexico and have written documentation of service submitted to the Director of Spanish Markets; or
  6. An artist who has participated in any Society-sponsored Spanish Markets consecutively or cumulatively for 25 years.