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Weavings are flat textiles that are formed on a treadle loom with natural and dyed woolen warp and weft yarns. Blankets and wall hangings are weft-faced with multicolored yarns that form bands and complex patterns in Saltillo, Vallero, and Chimayό variations, including pictorials and ikats. Jerga floor coverings are twill woven in evenly exposed warp and weft, usually with multicolored plaid and striped designs. Sabanilla yardage has evenly exposed warp and weft, typically with undyed finer yarns. A revival in the early 20th century expanded the flat form into constructed pieces such as coats, vests, purses, and pillow covers.


Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the Weaving Art Category

– Yvonne Ebelacker-Ortiz
– Susie Garcia
– Juan Gonzales
– Annette Gutierrez-Turk
– Rita Padilla Haufmann
– Karen Martinez
– Yvonne Martinez
– Norma Medina
– Edward Pino
– Paula Roybal

– Don Sandoval
– Maya Sandoval
– Johanna Terrazas
– Emily Trujillo
– Irvin Trujillo
– Lisa Trujillo
– Eugene Vigil
– Jennette Vigil
– Rose Vigil