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Tinwork is constructed from sheet metal with soldered joinery, originally derived from recycled cans. Typical forms include household furnishings such as frames, sconces, nichos, boxes, candleholders, and crosses. The tradition has evolved into complex constructions, often with other media, and with innovative finishes.

Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the Tinwork Art Category

– Jason C. Baca
– Kevin Burgess Chávez
– Carmen Campos
– Christine Montaño Carey
– JD Damron y Valdes de Martinez
– Martha Varoz Ewing
– Cristina Hernandez Feldewert
– Richard Gabriel, Jr.
– Michelle Romero Garcia
– Fran Gonzales
– Michael Griego

– Judy Varoz Long
– Fred Lόpez
– Daniel Madrid
– Nicolás Madrid
– Justin Gallegos Mayrant
– Jerry Montoya
– Cleo Romero
– Felipe Varela
– Vincent Vieira
– Jason Younis y Delgado