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Straw Appliqué.

Straw appliqué is a regional tradition that imitates European marquetry. Typical designs include geometric motifs and Christian devotional images. The tradition has evolved from setting cornhusk in blackened piñon sap varnish on wooden crosses (encrusted straw) to the early 20th century revival of adhering golden straw onto painted wood with commercially-prepared glue, and today with multi-colored straw applied to a variety of forms, including Christmas ornaments.

Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the    Straw Appliqué Art Category

– Lena Blea
– Martha Varoz Ewing
– Cristina Hernandez Feldewert
– Matthew Flores
– Della Vigil Gonzales
– Fran Gonzales
– Pat Gurulé Griego
– Joseph Lobato
– Judy Varoz Long
– Felix Lόpez
– Krissa Lόpez
– Diana Moya Lujan
– Lenise Lujan-Martinez
– Bernadette Marquez

– Doreen Martinez
– Brigida Montes
– Craig Moya
– Jean Anaya Moya
– Guadalupita Ortiz
– Mel Rivera
– Bernadette Rodriguez
– Vicki Rodriguez
– Charlie Sánchez, Jr.
– Vanessa Sánchez-Burge
– Jimmy Trujillo
– Pedro Trujillo
– Timothy Valdez
– Felipe Varela