Art Category

Precious Metals

Silver and gold are used to make many kinds of utilitarian, devotional, and decorative items. Historically, precious metals were used in items made for Christian ceremonies, santo accessories, and luxury items for wealthy households, but today they are used primarily in the jewelry traditions.

Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the Precious Metals Art Category

– José Armijo
– Lawrence Baca
– José Armijo
– Lawrence Baca
– Shane Casias
– Matthew Duran
– Adriana Gonzales
– Liberty Gonzales
– John Jimenez
– Andrew Lόpez
– Juan Lόpez
– Ramόn José Lόpez
– Bernadette Marquez

– Andrew Montoya
– Jerry Montoya
– Randy Montoya
– Kaitlin Peña
– Felipe Rivera
– Terri Rodriguez
– Racheal Roybal-Montoya
– Gregory Segura
– Ralph Sena
– Floyd Trujillo
– Pedro Trujillo
– Gloria Vigil