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Painted Reliefs

Painted reliefs are a subset of retablos, or wooden panels that are painted on one side with Christian devotional images. Rather than being flat, these panels are carved to provide relief before painting.

Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the Painted Reliefs Art Category

– Charles Carrillo
– Teresa May Duran
– Gustavo Victor Goler
– Bill Lovato Hyde
– Arthur Lόpez
– Joseph Ascensiόn Lόpez
– Rosina Lόpez de Short
– David Lucero


– Frankie Lucero
– Ernie Lujan
– David Manzanares
– Doreen Martinez
– Ronald Martinez
– Margarito Mondragόn
– Jean Anaya Moya
– Rudolfo Parga
– Federico Prudencio