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Painted Bultos

Painted bultos are three-dimensional wooden sculptures that are carved and painted with Christian devotional images. The figures are typically placed upon small wooden bases or crosses. Sometimes the figures are placed within an architectural framework, as a subset of painted bultos known as bultos en nichos. The tradition has evolved from single standing figures to elaborate assemblages, often with contemporary themes and classic automobiles.

Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the Painted Bultos Art Category

– José Armijo
– José Armijo
– Adán Carriaga
– Charles Carrillo
– Marie Romero Cash
– Lawrence Cόrdova
– Matthew Cόrdova
– Rhonda Crespin
– Geraldine Flores de Silva
– Frank Garcia
– Lorrie Garcia
– Mark Garcia
– Ronald Garcia
– Gustavo Victor Goler
– Bill Lovato Hyde
– Arthur Lόpez
– Felix Lόpez
– Joseph Ascensiόn Lόpez

– Isaias Lόpez
– Ramόn José Lόpez
– Frankie Lucero
– Onofre Lucero
– Ernie Lujan
– Jerome Lujan
– Margarito Mondragόn
– Andrew Montoya
– Gilbert Montoya
– Jean Anaya Moya
– Nicolas Otero
– Rudolfo Parga
– Federico Prudencio
– Carlos Rael
– Felipe Rivera
– Catherine Robles-Shaw
– Tomasita Rodriguez
– Carlos Santistevan, Sr.