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Furniture & Furnishings

Traditional woodworking technologies are used to make furniture and furnishings that are both portable and securely fastened or built into the interior and exterior of buildings. Typically, these items were entirely painted. Today it is common to see the wooden items sealed with wax or a clear varnish and they could have elaborately carved decoration or painted designs and Christian devotional images on them.

Current Spanish Market Artists Working in the Furniture & Furnishings Art Category

– Matthew Duran
– Charlie Esquibel
– Andrew Garcia
– John Jimenez
– Patrick Leyba
– Chris Lόpez
– Ramόn José Lόpez
– David Manzanares

– Ronald Martinez
– Edward Mier
– Federico Prudencio
– Richard Prudencio
– Jerry Joseph Romero
– Carlos Santistevan, Sr.
– Randy Trujillo