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About the Spanish Market

The Traditional Spanish Market features nineteen art categories artists may jury into. Many artists have been approved to work in one or two categories, but some work in multiple categories, and they can combine several categories into one piece of artwork. Each category has been defined as part of the artistic traditions of New Mexico and southern Colorado through historic, modern, and contemporary periods.  

Art Categories

[item image="2022/01/Colcha.jpeg" header="Colcha Embroidery" text="Colcha is a type of embroidery that utilizes a long stitch couched down with angled cross stitches on a flat woven textile backing in linear or overall designs. Typical designs include flora, fauna, and Christian devotional images. The tradition has evolved from bed coverlets and table/altar runners to clothing, pillow covers, and Christmas ornaments."]
[item image="2022/01/Furniture-Furnishings4.png" header="Furniture and Furnishings" text="Traditional woodworking technologies are used to make furniture and furnishings that are both portable and securely fastened or built into the interior and exterior of buildings. Typically, these items were entirely painted. Today it is common to see the wooden items sealed with wax or a clear varnish and they could have elaborately carved decoration or painted designs and Christian devotional images on them."]
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