` Norma Medina – Spanish Colonial Arts Society

Life Time Achiement Award 2022

Norma Medina

Norma Medina is an award-winning legacy weaver from Mendanales, NM, and has been involved with Traditional Spanish Market “for as long as she can remember.” Both her grandmother, Agatha Martinez, and mother, Eppie Archuleta, were awarded Master and Lifetime Achievement awards for their exquisite work and expertise in Traditional Spanish Colonial weaving. Norma has followed in their footsteps and put a powerful signature spin into her weaves. She is known for her Traditional Spanish designs as well as Pictorial weavings.

She began as a self-taught weaver, using her Aunt’s loom whenever she could to introduce herself to the intricacies of the craft. Her family knew she was destined to carry on the heritage art form as her passion quickly grew. When she first began showing at the market, Norma spent much time and energy researching the historical use of pictorials within Spanish Colonial Weaving and easily incorporated them into her repertoire.

Norma approaches weaving as a tranquil exercise, a fully-engaging experience for both body and mind. She draws her inspiration from Mother Nature which is evident in her designs. Making many of her inks from natural plant matter to dye her wool, her connection to the earth is key to this process.

Norma has maintained a solid connection to her heritage through her art pieces. She still often creates some of her works on a loom passed down by her mother. She believes “weaving is a tradition; an inheritance, but what you weave is your identity.” She has established her own identity while still using Traditional design and techniques, which is a sign of a true Master. Her work and research resulting in growth in the field are outstanding

Because Norma understands and respects the responsibility of sharing Traditional Hispanic art forms with the community, she continues to teach anyone who expresses interest in learning. She has already given one of her looms to her daughter and is teaching her young great-granddaughter weaving techniques. What an impactful gift she has to offer future generations!

The Spanish Colonial Arts Society commends Norma on the vivid, delightful body of work she has produced and is excited to experience what she has in store. Please join us in celebration of Norma’s artistic talent, joy, and generosity of heart as we award her with the 2022 Master and Lifetime Achievement Award.