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Masters Awards for Lifetime Achievement

The “Spanish Market Masters Award for Lifetime Achievements” recipient is determined each year by the Master artists. The distinction of this award is gained after participating in Spanish Market for at least 25 years, winning awards at Spanish Market and other shows, being represented by artwork in private and museum collections, raising awareness of their traditional art, and giving back to the community as a mentor to other artists.




Art Category

1987 Horacio Valdez Santos
1988 Emilio and Senaida Romero Tinwork
1989 Paula and Eliseo Rodriguez Straw Appliqué
1990 Leo Salazar Santos, Woodcarving
1991 Angelina Delgado Martinez Tinwork
1992 Marie Romero Cash Watch Video Santos
1993 Tomas Sena Santos, Woodcarving
1994 Monica Sosaya Halford Watch Video Santos, Colcha Embroidery
1995 Ben Ortega, Sr. Santos, Woodcarving
1996 Frank Brito Santos, Woodcarving
1997 Ricardo Lopez Santos, Woodcarving
1998 Zoraida and Eulogio Ortega Weaving and Santos
1999 Bonifacio Sandoval Tinwork
2000 Sabinita Lopez Ortiz Watch Video Santos, Woodcarving
2001 Cordelia Coronado and Eppie Archuleta Weaving
2002 Carlos Santistevan, Sr. Santos
2003 David C. de Baca Furniture & Furnishings
2004 John Jimenez Santos
2005 Irvin Trujillo Watch Video Weaving
2006 Charles Carrillo Watch Video Santos
2007 Felix Lopez Santos
2008 Ramon Jose Lopez Santos, Precious Metals, Hide Painting
2009 Gloria Lopez Cordova Santos, Woodcarving
2010 Belarmino Esquibel Santos
2011 Ralph Sena Precious Metals
2012 Arlene Cisneros Sena Watch Video Santos
2013 Jimmy Trujillo Straw Appliqué
2014 Debbie Carrillo Watch Video Pottery
2015 Lawrence Baca Precious Metals
2016 Gustavo Victor Goler Santos
2017 Mel Rivera Straw Appliqué
2018 Carlos Otero Watch Video Santos
2019 Rita Padilla Haufmann Watch Video Weaving
2022 Norma Medina Bio Weaving