Upcoming Exhibitions

Intercultural Inspirations: Pueblo and Spanish Conversations

This limited series of exhibitions examines the interactions between Pueblo and Spanish communities in New Mexico. When people of differing cultures live in close proximity with one another there are many opportunities for sharing traditions, working together, and exchanging manufactured goods. These connections can inspire the use of new materials and innovative methods in the production of art and architecture.

Pueblo-Spanish Revival Style: 

The Director’s Residence and the Architecture of John Gaw Meem

Opening July 1, 2021 throughout the galleries and ongoing as a long-term display

The first exhibition in this series highlights the Santa Fe Style of our historic house museum. Immediately after the Americanization Period and statehood in 1912, the Santa Fe boosters sought to redefine Santa Fe with regionally appropriate architectural styles. Several years of discussion resulted in an understanding that both Pueblo traditions and Spanish traditions are blended together in the most iconic buildings that the City Different is famous for.

In addition to the architectural history display in the Boyd Gallery, QR codes located throughout the building can provide, via personal devices, additional information about unique architectural features and finishes.

Endurance in Living Traditions:
The Arts of Spanish Market

Opening September 1, 2021 in the Vedder Gallery and closing October 1, 2022

The artistic traditions of Spanish Colonial New Mexico is represented by 18 art categories at Spanish Market. They are defined through subjects, forms, materials, tools, and techniques. Each artform can be traced through generations of artisans who have kept the traditions alive and with their own individual creativities have established an evolution of styles from historic times through the modern period of the 20th century and up to today’s innovations and contemporary statements.

Hispanic Traditions

in Furniture

Opening in September 2022 in four galleries and closing in July 2023

Handmade furniture requires both aesthetic and technical skills. Looking at historic New Mexican furniture, we are struck by the durability of joinery and the sensitivity between decoration and utility. This exhibition displays the mastery of our carpinteros.

Feast Day Saints

through the Seasons


Opening in September 2022 in the Thompson Gallery and ongoing as a long-term display

From Saint Sebastian’s feast day in January to Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day in December, this ongoing series of quarterly exhibits will present artifacts from the Society’s permanent collections with the pertinent biographical, devotional, and iconographic information of Christian saints during their feast days. In addition to santos, saints appear in many artforms, including textiles, furniture, and metalwork.

The Artists’ Garden:

Ethnobotanical Achievements in the Arts


Opening in November 2022 in the Vedder Gallery and closing in March 2023

The Artists’ Garden, located on the museum campus near the Mexican House, displays many plants that are used in the traditional arts, especially for dyes and paints. In addition, the garden functions as inspiration to artists who are seeking subject matter models for their art. In santos, roses and lilies are common iconographic symbols that can be rendered with beautiful results.